Lupine Howl out now at Amazon

The first volume of Lupine Howl is out now at Amazon. You can get it here from or here from Lupine Howl is a new series I’m launching to fill the gap while Dark Season takes a break. The new books are set in the same universe as Dark Season, though there’s no overlap in characters or location. Lupine Howl is all about werewolves…

The series is set in London and follows a girl named Jess as she arrives in the city. She’s homeless, running from something to do with her family. I thought it would be interesting to have her background be as mysterious as the background of the werewolf, Duncan. They both have something to hide, and they’re both running from their families, though for different reasons.

Lupine Howl is very different from Dark Season, but the structure of the first series will be the same: 8 books, each about 20,000 to 25,000 words, published every two weeks. I like this style of releasing books. I guess I grew up reading and watching TV, and I want my books to be episodic in the same way that you have an episode of a TV show each week.


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