Dark Season VIII: Dead End uploaded to Amazon, should be available in about 12 hours

Dark Season VIII: Dead End has been uploaded to Amazon and is currently ‘processing’, which means that it should be available for purchase on Sunday. Sorry it’s a few days late (as usual), but it’s the last book in the first series so I wanted to make sure it ended properly. The regular price will be 99 cents, but it will go free on Amazon for a few days starting on Monday.

You know when a season of a TV show ends and it wraps up the season but it also teases the next season? That’s how I’ve approached Dead End. Certain things get resolved fully and finally, some of them being things that stretch all the way back to the first book in the series. But there are things that set up new questions, and there’s also a big cliffhanger. That’s right: I wanted to give you a complete story that also has you waiting for the next book! Hmm, is that mean of me?

So while Dead End answers some big questions, it also asks three brand new big questions. You’ll get the answers later this year, when Dark Season returns for the second series of books. But in the meantime, I’ve got more books on the way, including a new werewolf series that will be published in a couple of days, titled Lupine Howl. And I’ve put a sample from Lupine Howl in at the end of Dead End, to give you an idea of how that series feels.


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