10 hints about Dark Season VIII: Dead End

I usually post a preview of the next Dark Season book a few days before it’s released, but this time I don’t want to give too much away. So instead, I’m going to post 10 hints about the book. They’re all true, but some of them are a little cryptic.

1. There are three prologues, spanning more than 300 years.

2. Shelley’s ear is very important.

3. Adam gets to feel like a goldfish in a bowl.

4. Most of Vincent’s books were about maps, but one of them was about something else.

5. The 17th century was a tough time for a single mother.

6. Someone important dies.

7. There are subtle references to Superman, Doctor Who and an old British sci-fi show called Adam Adamant Lives.

8. Remember the mysterious man in the shadows in Dark Season VII: Testament? He’s an old friend with a new face.

9. If you thought Gothos was a strange place, wait until you see the Door of Compassion.

10. “The irony is: to him, we’re the ghosts”.


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