Science fiction short story A Single Blade of Grass available now on Amazon

I put a science fiction short story on Amazon yesterday. It’s titled A Single Blade of Grass and it’s the usual 99 cents (although it should be free for a few days starting from Wednesday). Here’s the blurb:

Nick Charles is an agent of the Invisible Crimes Detection Unit (ICDU). He spends his days as an invisible observer of society, keeping an eye out for potential crimes.

But Nick has a problem. No matter what he does, every morning he wakes up with a single blade of grass on his foot. He can’t work out where it’s coming from, but could it have something to do with a cranial implant recently inserted into his skull by his employers?

At 5,500 words, it’s fairly brief and I was originally planning to have it as one of a series of stories in a collection, but I decided to dip my toe into the water by releasing it this way instead. I’ve not tried sci-fi before, so it was fun to try writing something totally new. Anyway, I have to get back to boring ‘regular’ work and then there’s some editing work to do on Dark Season VIII: Dead End, and probably ten million other things to be doing as well!


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