Dark Season VII: Testament is out! Here’s the link to Amazon

Here it is: Dark Season VII: Testament at Amazon.com and at Amazon.co.uk. Sorry it was delayed, the problem was a combination of the fact that I was ill during the week and lost a day’s proof-reading time, and then once the book was uploaded it seemed to take forever for it to appear on Amazon. Anyway, it’s there now. Enjoy!

This is the penultimate book in the current series of Dark Season novels. There will be one more, later this month, titled Dead End, and then the series will take a little break before coming back later in the year. I always planned to do it like this, and it feels good to be on target with the first eight-book series. Testament sets up a lot of what will be happening in Dead End.

Testament costs 99 cents (or equivalent in your  country), although I’ll be making it free for a few days starting on Monday. I was hoping to set it free starting today (Sunday) but due to the way the Amazon system works, that wasn’t possible. So if you’re used to getting them for free, which is fine by me, you can do that starting tomorrow!


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