Dark Season VII: Testament being uploaded to Amazon today!

After a bit of a delay, Dark Season VII: Testament is now being uploaded to Amazon. It will then take about 24 hours to become available (although sometimes it’s quicker, it depends how fast Amazon’s systems are working at the moment), so I’ll post here when that’s done.

The book would have been ready sooner, but I lost a day and a half’s editing time this week when I was a bit ill for a while. All is fine now, though! As usual, I’ll be setting the new book up for some free days on Amazon, which should start on Sunday. Otherwise, the book will cost the usual price of 99 cents on Amazon.com and the equivalent on Amazon.co.uk and others.

Now there’s just Dark Season VIII: Dead End to get finished and published! After that, I’ll be taking a break from the Dark Season books for a few months before bringing them back with the second ‘series’, which I’ve already got planned out. All the characters from the first series will be back… Well, all the ones who survive Testament and Dead End, anyway. Let’s just say that the body count goes up in the next few books…



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