The Company of Angels released today, Dark Season VII: Testament coming later this week!

The second John Mason thriller, The Company of Angels, is out now at Amazon. You can get it here from or here from The book was pretty heavily delayed, having originally been set to come out two weeks ago, but I just couldn’t get it finished. The plot took ages to resolve, because there was one significant problem that I just couldn’t get over. Eventually I found a way. Anyway, there’s one more John Mason book to come, titled Until the Day I Die, which will be out in a month or so.

Meanwhile, all the work on The Company of Angels hasn’t distracted me from Dark Season VII: Testament, which will be out later this week. It was supposed to be out tomorrow (Tuesday) but it’ll now be a few days later. I’ll be posting a teaser tomorrow, though, and it’s quite a different book to the rest of the series, although I said that about Gothos as well. Anyway, Testament changes everything in the series. If you thought Gothos shook things up, wait until you see the who, what, where, why and how of Testament!


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