Dark Season VI: Gothos is out!

The sixth Dark Season book, Gothos, is out! You can download it here from Amazon.com, or here from Amazon.co.uk. The price is 99 cents / 78p, but it will be FREE over the weekend so if you wait a day you don’t have to pay! I would set it for free immediately, but I have to wait for the first ‘new’ day and that’s Saturday.

The book is a little different to the other Dark Season books, in the sense that I’ve taken the characters out of their comfort zone and taken them to a completely different location. When I first plotted out the books, Gothos was one of the first stories I came up with. Some things happen in this book that have been bubbling under the surface for a while now.

One thing to be aware of if you’re reading Gothos: I don’t do ‘reset buttons’. What I mean by that is, if something happens in one of the books, I don’t suddenly make everything magically go back to how it was. If someone dies, they stay dead. If someone experiences something, they don’t forget it.

It’s hard to believe that we’ll soon by up to the seventh book, Testament, but the series has just flown by so far (for me, at least). Testament will be out in a couple of weeks and will, again, really drive the overall story forwards. Following that will be Dead End, which will be the end of the first ‘series’ of books. Do you like cliffhangers? I like cliffhangers. Dead End will finish on a huge cliffhanger…


2 responses to “Dark Season VI: Gothos is out!

  1. beccafrmIllinois

    I think your books are great and they flow very well….I hope u have a hundred series’ of dark season.Cant wait for the next!!!


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