Poll: Which is your favourite Dark Season book cover?

I’ve put up a poll (see the sidebar to the right) asking about your favourite Dark Season book cover. This isn’t just a vanity exercise, I’m genuinely interested to know what people think. Since I created all the covers myself (except the first one, for which I had some help), I want to know if there are some covers that people think worked well, and some that didn’t.

My personal view is that the covers for Dark Season: The Last Vampire, Army of Wolves (Dark Season III) and Gothos (Dark Season VI) are the best, although I worry that the cover for Gothos might look a bit too much like a kids’ book. So that’s why I’m running the poll, really, to see if I can get a better idea of what people thinks works (and what doesn’t). The only cover I’m really not happy with is The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV), which I might change some time when I get a chance.


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