Here’s the cover for The Company of Angels, plus news on Dark Season VI: Gothos

Here’s the cover for The Company of Angels, the second volume in the John Mason series. As you can see, it’s very different to the first volume, The Dead and the Dying. This reflects the fact that I’ve re-jigged the series a bit, dropping a few of the secondary characters and focusing more on the central character of John.

The book, which will be out later this week, is about a detective who’s dying of cancer, who would rather die a ‘meaningful’ death than wait to die in a hospital bed. But he’s not sure what a ‘meaningful’ death really means. At the same time, he’s investigating a series of horrific kidnappings that seem to be linked to an underground sex ring.

It’s a dark book. It’s darker than I planned. But that happens sometimes: the book kind of leads you to places you hadn’t expected. This is a series of books that I’ve been neglecting of late, but The Company of Angels should set that straight.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on Dark Season VI: Gothos, which should be out next week. It’s quite different to the other books in the series, because it goes into the vampire mythology quite a bit. It also explores Patrick’s reaction to the death of a main character in the previous book, and it answers all the questions (well, most of them) about The Lock, the mysterious figure who Patrick and Vincent have been keeping in a dungeon in the forest.


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