Dark Season V almost finished, will be published on December 29th

Dark Season V: The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller is almost finished and will be published on December 29th. The title might seem a little long and unusual, but it will make total sense when you’ve read the book. Martin Keller is a new character who is going to make a very big impression on the series. But is he a good guy or a bad guy? That’s something that might not be obvious at first…

After that, the next books in the series will be Dark Season VI: Gothos and Dark Season VII: Testament, which will both be published in January. Then there will be Dark Season VIII: Dead End, which will end on a huge cliffhanger in February. I’m not usually a fan of cliffhangers for books, because I think they can leave readers feeling cheated. BUT I have a cliffhanger that I just can’t resist.

For now, all I’ll say is this: everything in the books happens for a reason. Every character has a role to play. If a character seems to be in the background, not doing much, you should keep an eye on them because they might be up to something. There are characters like Shelley, Rob and Adam who appear in most of the books. They don’t really do much, but I keep putting them in. By the end of Dark Season VIII: Dead End, you’ll see why they’re there…


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