Get The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV) on Amazon!

The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV) is now available to buy on Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK). At the moment, it costs 99 cents (or about 86p in the UK), but I’m setting up a free period that will allow you to download it without paying anything. That free period will run from Sunday to Monday.

If you like The Civil Dead, let me know! And if you don’t like it, also let me know! I like criticism, good and bad.

So now it’s on to number 5 in the series, The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller, which will be out on December 29th.


One response to “Get The Civil Dead (Dark Season IV) on Amazon!


    I just read today Dark Season The Last Vamipre. Loved it! So I went looking for more and I found the rest of your series can only be found on Amazon. I have a nook….I am going to cry now! And the next day and the next!!! Do you think you will have them on Barnes and Noble or Smashwords for us Nook users? I REALLY hope so! I would also like to read your Love Stories too.


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