Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead uploaded, slight change in details

I’ve just uploaded Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead to Amazon. It takes between 1 and 12 hours for its to appear online, so I’ll add a link as soon as one’s available.

There’s a slight change to how I’m releasing this one, but don’t worry, there’ll still be a free version! I’m not releasing the book on Smashwords, only on Amazon. This means that it’ll cost 99 cents and there won’t be a free Smashwords version.

However, I’m going to run a promotion offering it for free on Amazon for a limited period. The promotion is set to start on Sunday (tomorrow) and will run for a couple of days, so you’ll still be able to read it for free.

So there will still be a free version of the book, but you’ll have to get it from Amazon instead of Smashwords, and the free version will only be up on Sunday and Monday. I hope that’s clear, let me know if you have any questions. If for some reason you’re anti-Amazon, you can contact me directly for a free copy by email, as a pdf.

I’ve made this change because I’ve enrolled the book in KDP Select, which means I’m not allowed to also put it on Smashwords.

As you can see, I also changed the cover slightly. I liked the old cover, but I decided it was too dark. When people are looking online, they usually just see a thumbnail and I felt the thumbnail of the original wouldn’t stand out. So here’s the new one, which I like.


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