Update on Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead

How is Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead going, you ask? Well, it’s going fine, thanks! It’s almost finished and I aim to have it out by Wednesday at the latest.

I was hoping it might be ready on Monday, but I’ve done some tinkering with it. The plot took an unexpected direction and I ended up adding a new sub-plot that I had to think about very carefully, because I didn’t want to seem to be sensationalising something that is actually quite serious in real life. You’ll understand if you read it.

So what’s the book about? It’s a little darker and more psychological than the first three books, and it delves much deeper into Patrick’s feelings for Sophie, which aren’t necessarily what you expect. Patrick took a back seat in Dark Season II: Sentinel and Dark Season III: Army of Wolves, but in Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead he’s back to the kind of prominence he had in Dark Season: The Last Vampire.

What else happens? Sophie goes through a lot, physically and emotionally, and by the end of the book she’s permanently changed in both ways. You’ll also learn what a Tenderling is and why it’s so bad to let one into your bed, and you’ll find out what Sophie’s friend Shelley likes to do with her old sleeping bag. Oh, and someone dies; someone who has been mentioned more than once in previous books.

The cover is almost finished and should be up later today.


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