Dark Season: The Last Vampire available on Barnes & Noble, iTunes and more!

Okay, I hadn’t really been paying attention to certain things and now I find that via Smashwords Dark Season: The Last Vampire is available on Barnes & Noble, iTunes and various other sites. This is a Good Thing and it’s one of the reasons I won’t be completely abandoning Smashwords in the wake of this KDP Select thing.

Suddenly discovering the book on these other sites means I’ve suddenly got a lot more idea of how the book is being received by people. And overall I’m pretty happy with the feedback. At Barnes & Noble, it’s on 3 stars from 7 reviews, some of which are one star, three star, four star and five star, so that’s a pretty even spread. Most of the negative reviews haven’t left a comment, but one left 3 stars and suggested that the book ends up sounding like Twilight.

I should be honest and admit that I’ve never read any of the Twilight books or seen any of the films. I have an idea of the plot and basic characters, since they’ve sort of seeped into the public consciousness. This is my mistake. I should probably give at least one of them a read, so I’ll give that a try some time in the new year.

On iTunes, the book has four stars from 21 rankings (I think, it’s not totally clear!), which isn’t bad and is in line with Amazon so far. Obviously everyone would like their books to get nothing but five star glowing reviews, but that’s impossible. I appreciate the good reviews, and there are some, but I’m just as interested in the bad ones, because I want to see whether I agree or disagree with the points being made. Maybe someone will make a point that really helps me make a positive change?

I hope the tone of this post isn’t too negative. I’m still slightly amazed that people are reading my books at all. They’re all short books, but even if they only take an hour to read, that’s an hour of someone’s life! And my view has always been that if someone agrees to read something I’ve written, they’re more than entitled to let me (and the world, if they wish) know what they think of it. Five stars would be great, but sometimes three will do just fine.


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