Thoughts on KDP Select after 24 hours

So The Dead and the Dying has been enrolled in the KDP Select lending program for (almost) 24 hours now. I wasn’t expecting that to be enough time to form an opinion, but surprisingly I’m seeing instant results so I figure I should share.

For The Dead and the Dying, KDP Select has so far been a big success. At the moment, the number of actual sales has gone up considerably. Obviously those are because of a ‘free’ promotion, but it does help to get people noticing the book. I have no idea how that will play out regarding royalties, i.e. whether sales will get a long-term boost even when the price goes back up, but from my POV I think this vindicates my decision to try this little experiment.

As I said, it’s very early in the process and I still have reservations about the exclusivity clause involved in the deal. But I have to say that KDP Select has surprised me very much in a pleasant way so far. No idea whether that will last, of course… It’s still an experiment, but it’s an experiment that’s definitely worth trying, at least for now. Though I’ll probably think something completely different in 5 minutes…


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