Dark Season III: Army of Wolves now on Amazon

Dark Season III: Army of Wolves is now available on Amazon. I wrote about it in another post, so there’s not too much else to say other than that I’m not hard at work on the final chapters of the next book in the series. Here’s a quick update on the books:

Published so far:

#1 – The Last Vampire (released Nov 2011)

#2 – Sentinel (released Nov 2011)

#3 – Army of Wolves (released Dec 2011)

Coming soon:

#4 – The Civil Dead (ETA Dec 2011)

#5 – The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller (ETA Dec 2011)

#6 – Gothos (ETA Jan 2011)

#7 – Testament (ETA Jan 2011)

#8 – Dead End (ETA Feb 2011)

At that point, I’m planning to take a few months’ break and then return with a second ‘series’ of Dark Season books, which will carry on from the cliffhanger ending to Dead End. I did think about conflating the whole lot into just five or six books, but I really want to tell more stories about these characters.

As for how it all ends… I have it worked out. I know who lives, who dies, who leaves, who comes back, who does what and more besides. I think the whole thing might end up being 3 series, each containing 8 books, so that would be 24 in total! Okay, that’s pretty ambitious maybe, and it’s asking a lot for anyone to read all of that, which would total something like 500,000 words over the course of a year. Oh well… it’ll be worth it, honest!

What can I say? I love serial fiction!


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