Dark Season: plans and schemes

Just a quick post to outline the plans for Dark Season. I’ve already put the first two books out there and now I’ve almost finished the third, which will definitely be out in the next week. So here’s where we stand:

1. Dark Season: The Last Vampire
Was released in November.

2. Dark Season II: Sentinel
Also released in November.

3. Dark Season III: Army of Wolves
ETA: 1st to 3rd of December. A seemingly friendly werewolf arrives in town, and he knows Patrick very well. But he’s not alone…

4. Dark Season IV: The Civil Dead
ETA: 10th December. This one is about ghosts. Something horrible happens to Sophie and opens a door to a new world for her.

5. Dark Season V: The Life, Death, Life, Life and Death of Martin Keller
ETA: Christmas. This book sees Sophie and Patrick meet a man named Martin Keller who has some very dangerous ambitions… and a nasty bite!

6. Dark Season VI: Gothos
ETA: New Year. This book deals with Gothos, the mysterious abandoned mansion that was once home to the ruling vampire elite.

7. Dark Season VII: Testament
ETA: January 2012. I can’t really describe this one without giving something important away. So let’s just say that it shakes things up.

8. Dark Season VIII: Dead End
ETA: January 2012. This is the final volume of the first series of books. Again, it’s hard to describe without revealing a key plot twist from the earlier books. Someone dies. Someone from an earlier book comes back to life. And the cliffhanger ending is, even if I say so myself, rather cool…


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