Two new books for Tuesday, one on Amazon and one on Smashwords

The Dead and the DyingI’ve decided to put out two new books in the coming week, but to do things slightly differently compared to my usual strategy.

First, there’s The Dead and the Dying, a thriller about a detective who has just discovered he’s dying of cancer and has only five years maximum to live. Naturally, this changes his viewpoint somewhat. Meanwhile, there’s a series of clues being left across the city and a ruthless killer who –  for reasons that become clear – is kidnapping babies. But why does he wait 16 years to kill them?

I’m going to put The Dead and the Dying on both Amazon and Smashwords. It’s at my usual length of approximately 20,000 words.

Just One TouchMeanwhile, there’s also Late Nights: Just One Touch. This is an erotic short, at about 5,000 words, and it’s actually an expanded version of the short story Unfaithful which appeared in the erotic collection Love Stories? that I put out earlier in November. I’ve expanded the original 1,800 words so that things are a lot more, er, ‘graphic’ and detailed. I’ve also added something to the overall theme.

Late Nights: Just One Touch will only be out via Smashwords. Why? Because I want to test out Smashwords and see how it works for paid content compared to Amazon. So whereas I’ve been putting stuff out for free on Smashwords in the past, this time I’m going to try to charge a dollar or two, and see how that goes. If no-one buys, I’ll rethink the approach. But as I’ve always said, this self-publishing lark is all about experimenting.

BTW, the cover for Late Nights: Just One Touch isn’t the final cover. I’m going to take that ugly black strip off the left-hand side. I was going to use it to mark out the Late Nights erotic short story series, but I guess I’ll have to find another way to do that because the black bar just looks ugly. Then again, maybe I’ll have a rethink.

Aaaaaand this all means that I’m pushing back Dark Season: Army of Wolves by one week. As you can appreciate, I’ve been pretty busy with all of this work. So I want volume 3 of Dark Season to be given some proper editing time, which means it’s going to be out in about a week’s time. Then we’ll be in the run-up to Christmas and I’ll have to think about what to put out over that period. I’ve got half a mind (yeah, right!) to try something festive, and a few ideas are already floating about. I’ll have to take the dog for an extra long walk tomorrow to try to firm up some plots.


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