Dark Season II: Sentinel vampire novel published, get it free for Kindle, PDF and other formats

I put Dark Season II: Sentinel online today. It’s available right now at Amazon (it’s now only available as part of the first series omnibus). Yes, I know that seems like an odd way of doing things!

The book follows Sophie as she tries to discover more about Patrick. In particular, she wants to find out who killed Jess Harper and Rose Tisser. Did Patrick really murder two young girls 50 years ago? And if he did, why did he do it?

The chapters alternate between Sophie’s investigations in the present day, and Rose Tisser’s adventures with her friend back in 1959. Everything comes together at the end, and by the end of the book Sophie has a better idea of her relationship with Patrick. Oh, and there might be another man in her life as well…

You don’t need to have read the first book to enjoy this one, although I reckon it’d make it even more enjoyable.


4 responses to “Dark Season II: Sentinel vampire novel published, get it free for Kindle, PDF and other formats

  1. When is the next one out? How many are there?


  2. Wondering if the book Dark Season 2 Sentinel is on nook. I could not find it. If not can you please add it to nook. Love the first and can’t wait to read the nexts. Thank you..


  3. I too am having trouble finding the series any where but for kindle. Any help would be appriciated I loved the first book!


  4. You can now download a kindle app free on Amazon. I only takes a few minutes and it’s free. Than you can any kindle book to your computer. It’s not as hand as the nook but at least you can read these wonderful books!


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