Using Facebook Ads to generate ebook sales

One of the challenges for ebooks authors is marketing. You might want to sit in a gilded tower and leave the business side of things to someone else, but it’s increasingly the case that you have to get down and dirty and start dealing with advertising and lead generation. And if you’re anything like me, this is a completely new experience, and a daunting one.

Today I started running a couple of Facebook ads for my book Dark Season: The Last Vampire (actually, I got a friend to help set it up, but it’s the same thing, right?). I figured it would only cost me a few pounds a day, plus I got a voucher to start things off. It was pretty easy to get things up and running and after five hours my click-through ratio (the number of people who actually clicked on the ads) is 0.011%, which is bad but not, from what I’ve read, an appalling place to start. The only way is up, right?

The key word here is ‘experiment’. You have to experiment, and you have to accept that you won’t get the ad right straight away. I have already changed one of my ads. One is now based on cost-per-click and one is cost-per-impression, and I’m going to watch to see which is most successful. The cost-per-click ad is currently in review, so I can’t see how it’s working yet.

I’ll write up my experiences in a couple of days. I’m particularly interested to see how I am able to fine-tune my ads over time. I never thought I’d be doing any kind of marketing work, but here I am, wondering about CTR and CTM rates. Depending on how the Facebook ads go, I might also try using Google to run some ads. I don’t know which is more effective, but it’ll be fun finding out.


2 responses to “Using Facebook Ads to generate ebook sales

  1. I find Facebook Ads way more flexible and user-friendly than Google, but maybe that’s just me…


    • Yes. Got to say, trying to run an ad on Google nearly crashed by brain. Might try again some time. Facebook ads didn’t really do much for me either, but I think that’s because I haven’t fine-tuned the pitches yet.


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