Cover for Dark Season: The Last Vampire!

My very talented friend John has come up with a wonderful cover for Dark Season: The Last Vampire’s first volume:

Dark Season: The Last Vampire

The cover for Dark Season: The Last Vampire

It wasn’t my idea to have my name up there so prominently, but John talked me into it. I had sketched out a rough design to show John what I was thinking of, and the only thing he wanted to change was the size of the name. I’d hidden it down at the bottom right, and he wanted it blazing at the top of the image. I still feel a little embarrassed to look at it, but oh well… deep breath…

I’m spending the rest of today proof-reading the book one more time and then uploading it to Amazon. It should then be available within 24 to 48 hours, at which point I’ll need a drink and then I’ll post the link to it.

I’ve been working on this for so long, I never thought I’d be nervous when it finally came time to press ‘publish’. Finally, people are going to be able to read what I’ve written. It’s a good job I’m already hard at work on volume 2 of the series, otherwise I’d have nothing to distract myself with and I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy…


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